Statue History

statue history


Prototype figures were used for the photos with the band Żywiołak. Only after the photo shoot with the band did the series get the Slavic Spirits & Żywiołak inscription

Statue History

The first 500

With the first 500 units, we were still learning how to optimize mass production of these elements. That is why we abandoned the engraving in which the laser works like a printer layer by layer, as it took 120 minutes for 18 figures. The resulting optimization in the form of linear engraving, where the head follows the designated lines. As a result, the production time was reduced to 45 minutes for 18 figures and the expressiveness of the pattern increased. Ultimately, in the series of the first 500 production items, 16 items were made with deep engraving, 40 items with smiling lips, and the rest as shown in the photo. As we pay attention to the pleasant little characteristic elements, the last 350 pieces in this series got a laser beam puncture at the pupils, so that when looking against the light, the rays pass right through.

Statue History

Up 500

We have made changes to these series. The "Hands of God" sign has changed at the instigation of Robert from the Żywiołak band and the lines of the figures' hands. As the technology used, i.e. laser engraving and cutting, has certain advantages, we decided to take advantage of the opportunities it gives. One cartridge produces 18 pieces, and for this technology, the production of 18 pieces of unique figurines takes exactly the same time as the identical ones. In this series, each of the 18 figurines is different with different facial expressions and numerical symbols, will you collect them all?