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Slavic Spirits

Most companies' stories began with some local or national tradition and, nomen omen, history itself. Although in this case it was no different, as this story and idea begin with a very old family recipe for green slivovitz, the spirit of the brand and understanding of its mission did not have to be so obvious.

Although today's Slavs basically do not practice their old rituals that they associated with their ancestors, also because of the rituals lost in history or their today's illegality, there are still peoples, places, mirror traditions and rituals of even very distant cultures, such as tribes. Huicholi from Mexico with their bitter cactus, which, like our native toadstools, helps to talk to the spirits of ancestors, understand their wishes and their own legacy.

Apart from the way of understanding and reaching deep into one's own soul and culture, it is important that the founders of Slavic Spirits understood perfectly well how important the mission accompanies them. They were able to understand how much more of our own history and wealth that we had lost and had forgotten, how much more respect for our homeland and ancestors can be had by ourselves and how much more can be brought into the lives of other Slavs and all other people.

This is how the spirit of the Slavic Spirits brand was born, whose mission is to respect the traditions of our ancestors, drawing from their energy and using raw materials that have been used for generations in these lands to provide you with a product that is delicious with the spirit and energy of these lands.

We also want you to experience inexperienced tastes, aromas, traditions and literally immerse yourself in ancient, forgotten magic. This is not ordinary grain spirit. This is not ordinary moonshine. It is something much, much older, carrying an element of the first civilizations, the first Slavs. You can have a sensory experience of something people have experienced in the past that has been forgotten for the next dozen generations. Travel with us in time, return to the old magic and connect with the Slavic Spirits.

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